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Payback period is 12 months or longer.

Tired of dealing with mountains of faxes, phone calls, and documents to sign? Our proprietary process is completed in a few easy steps.

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What’s required to get a SLOC?

Good credit (700 or above) or an approved co-signer.

What is a syndicated line of credit (SLOC)?

A syndicated line of credit is a loan backed by a group of investors. The loan comes in the form of a credit card that can be used as cash.

Uses for SLOC include:

  1. Startup funding
  2. Expansion of business operations
  3. Bridge capital
  4. Replacing critical equipment (such as a restaurant stove) without having to wait for a bank loan.
  5. Opening a second location

What to expect when you apply for a SLOC

Application entails filling out a simple online form.

Once an SLOC is approved and finalized, our syndicated network of investors instantly deposits funds to the recipient’s bank account for immediate use.

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Will derogatory credit information affect my application?

Some merchants we work with have good history but have derogatory information in their credit.

In this event, it may be possible to get that derogatory information removed and still get approval and a good deal. This process usually takes a few weeks.

Apply for a SLOC first

If you’re interested in a SLOC it’s best to apply for it before applying for other forms of fast funding.

This is because those other inquiries will be added to your credit report which may make it harder to get an SLOC approved.

Combination funding

We can structure deals for you that provide funding from more than one source.

For example, a business owner may opt for $300k via a low-interest SBA loan and cover immediate funding needs with a 24-hour merchant cash advance, SLOC, or invoice factoring.

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