As the coronavirus advanced, volatility in the markets and twin supply and demand shocks ensued. As of October 2021, supply chain problems continue, marked by energy shortages impacting mining and manufacturing, ocean freight delays and backups, and transportation capacity decline. Warehousing and storage are also in a crunch. Logistics prices in aggregate reached an all-time high in September according to the Logistics Manager’s Index (LMI).

Enterprises continue to manage for cash flow under challenging conditions.

Spearfish works with businesses and trading houses to quickly optimize their cash flow and solve supply chain financing problems.

  • Get fast access to working capital and credit protection
  • Close difficult deals and import the goods and materials you need
  • Get paid upfront for government contracts
Act now to optimize your cash flow.

This is done through factoring and purchase order financing – forms of business financing that don’t add debt to your bottom line.

  • Through factoring, our partners purchase your outstanding 30-, 60-, or 90-day invoices for immediate cash, minus a small fee.
  • Through purchase order financing, product importers, distributors, and resellers can fulfill large orders before generating an invoice.
  • Through supply chain financing, companies can initiate advance payment to a supplier.

Our solutions are cost-effective and simple.

This service is for businesses selling B2B or B2G (business-to-government) with a minimal average monthly revenue of $25k.

All factoring deals brokered through Spearfish include credit risk insurance. This protects you from customers who may fail to pay their invoices if they become insolvent during the factoring period.

Advisory Services and Consulting

We can structure deals that include various forms of financing. Tell us about your situation and goals and we’ll advise on smart options.

From there we’ll handle the application process and work with our financial partners to provide funding solutions to those who qualify.

In addition, we provide free advisory services to early stage businesses.

We have a reputation for transparency and candid advising.

Crisis, Innovation, and Global Recession

Following the 2008 recession, small business owners found it increasingly difficult to obtain the funding they needed. 

Banks, laboring under substantial losses, grappled with new regulatory and capital requirements. 

In this environment, small business loans – already viewed as risky – were considered unattractive.

Innovators stepped into the gap and an entire movement known as alternative lending or alternative finance was launched.

We’re about to enter a new global recession. And we can expect new innovations to come out of this challenging period as well.

We’re Based in New Hampshire

Spearfish is a trade name of Spearfish Capital Funding LLC, a small business based in the Middle Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire.

Founded by Sherrie Gossett, Spearfish is registered with the state of New Hampshire as an independent sales organization offering factor broker and loan broker services to small and medium-sized businesses.

View our business registration and trade name filing.